Web Technology Basics For Beginners

When I started learning web development, I wasn’t aware of the core basics of the Web or How the web works? How it all comes under the WWW and how it works in a flow. This blog mainly focuses on the flow of the web and how things are interconnected.

Internet is a network in which all computers are connected to each other in order to share information(Images, Videos, Audio, Files, etc.) with each other.

WWW(World Wide Web) is a service on top of the Internet which lets us access Web Pages stored on different Web servers across the world.WWW and Internet are not the same things.

Now let's understand WWW. Web pages are written in HTML(HyperText Markup Language) and inter-connected with hyperlinks. A single webpage has its online address called URL(Uniform Resource Locator) and a collection of such Webpages is called a Website. Visualize WWW as a book of electronic documents called Web Pages interconnected with hyperlinks. These webpages are accessed using a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and many more…). You can read more about WWW here.

Collection of Webpages stored on servers across the world and connected with each other using hyperlinks.

Consider an example that a website with the URL www.example.com is hosted on some server whose IP address is, which means all the webpages associated with this website are stored on a server with IP

Now if we want to visit this website, We open a browser and type an URL i.e www.example.com and we see a website in our browser. But understanding the process behind this is very interesting.

  1. When we type an URL in a search bar, the browser sends it to the DNS(Domain Name System) server.
  2. DNS will convert a domain name to its associated IP address. So we can say that with the help of DNS, the browser will know the IP address of a server where eample.com is hosted i.e
  3. So now the browser(Client) knows the server where webpages of www.example.com are stored, the browser will send a request to the server and that server will send a response to the browser(Client) and here we come to the concept called client-server architecture.

There are already a lot of blogs are available on the internet about the client-server model. You can read more about it here.

I hope it helped you in some way. Thanks for reading it.

Undergraduate student at Pune University.

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