Hamiltonian path and cycle are one of the important concepts in graph theory. In this blog, we will try to find out all the Hamiltonian paths and detect the hamiltonian cycle in the graph.

So firstly we will try to understand the hamiltonian path. Hamiltonian Path in a directed or undirected graph is a path that visits every vertex or edge only once. Consider the following graph and try to find out all hamiltonian paths in it.

(a) Graph with all hamiltonian paths

Now our task is to print all the hamiltonian paths in this graph. How are we going to do that? Notice one thing…

When I started learning web development, I wasn’t aware of the core basics of the Web or How the web works? How it all comes under the WWW and how it works in a flow. This blog mainly focuses on the flow of the web and how things are interconnected.

Internet is a network in which all computers are connected to each other in order to share information(Images, Videos, Audio, Files, etc.) with each other.

WWW(World Wide Web) is a service on top of the Internet which lets us access Web Pages stored on different Web servers across the world.WWW…

Atharv Joshi

Undergraduate student at Pune University.

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